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Thought Experiment: The Democratic Lottery

This week Austin and DeRae conduct a radical thought experiment about a democratic lottery here in the United States for all elected offices.

DeRae believes a democratic lottery will address many of the issues with our current system, while Austin is rightfully skeptical.

What It Means To Be A Parent In 2021

Parenting is hard, that’s likely what makes it so invaluable. Everything starts at home. A child’s first hero is likely a parent. And just because we become parents doesn’t mean we have all the answers, almost everyone is still trying to figure it out. Experiences will vary. What’s important is that we lean into our responsibility as parents – taking it seriously and do our best to guide our children to be productive citizens of society.

Vulnerability as a Leader

The COVID-19 crisis pushed many leaders out of their comfort zones and forced them to reexamine the status-quo. As organizations take a long look in the mirror at what they have become and make decisions of how to best put the pieces back together, those that work for organizations have also taken long looks in the mirror and reassessed what is important to them. 

About Cautious Coffee

Our Mission

Cautious Coffee is a forum to challenge and be challenged about what and how we think about the world. Hosted by Austin Staton and DeRae Crane, each episode brings you unscripted and unfiltered commentary on key issues that are impacting our country and culture. Join us as we seek empowerment, not power; as we meet people where they are; and most importantly, as we strive to be better humans.


What They’re Saying

Cautious Coffee is a refreshing break from the typical emotionally inciting and politically biased media debates all around us searching for clicks. Listeners can learn more about issues through diverse perspectives and also use it as an example for how to engage tough issues with others in the world using empathy and grace.

Andrew Cooley

I just finished episode one of Cautious Coffee and I’m hooked! Congrats, Austin and DeRae!

Sahara Taybron

Face fear, confront fear, don’t live in fear. Cautious Coffee is out here giving me life!!

Bianca Desiree

If you crave authenticity and personal growth check out my friends over at Cautious Coffee. This is what I’m talking about. This is what I’m here for. This is why I hope you will join me in checking out Cautious Coffee!

RB McKeon

I absolutely loved this first episode, and this is exactly what we need to be talking about to help us all understand each other’s different backgrounds.

Landon Murray

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