More Money, More Problems?

Austin and DeRae sit down with Tony Colunga, an entrepreneur and financial planner by trade to discuss the topic of financial literacy once again. Tony shares how he got involved in the finance industry and what influenced him to finally set out on his own and found his own wealth management firm.

DeRae and Austin share some of their financial experiences, personally, or through friends and family. For money to be such an important part of our lives, the trio explores why it’s so taboo, and a framework that can be used to optimize your financial life.

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For The Love of Money

Can money buy you happiness? In many ways, getting money is a game, as there are just so many ways to get it. Some people focus on ensuring they secure a steady job with benefits so they can work until retirement age. Others are just trying to get by, check to check.

And while there is nothing wrong with keeping an eye on retirement, or just getting by – it seems the majority of Americans are not adequately prepared for retirement. Are they playing the right game(s)?

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Sit Fear on the Bench

If there is something else you would rather be doing, why aren’t you doing it? If there is somewhere else you would rather be, why aren’t you there? If there is someone else you would rather be with, why aren’t you with them? Austin and DeRae discuss how the deep-rooted implications of fear often keep us from pursuing everything we really want in life, things we didn’t even know we wanted, and what we forgo by putting fear in the game.

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