Enough. Is Anything Ever Enough?

Enough. How do you know when something is enough? That you’ve tolerated enough? That you’ve worked hard enough or long enough? That it is good enough? Is anything ever enough? Do we mindlessly chase to get to this abstract idea of enough? What happens when my enough doesn’t look the same as your enough? Am I enough? Who decides? Enough.

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Sit Fear on the Bench

If there is something else you would rather be doing, why aren’t you doing it? If there is somewhere else you would rather be, why aren’t you there? If there is someone else you would rather be with, why aren’t you with them? Austin and DeRae discuss how the deep-rooted implications of fear often keep us from pursuing everything we really want in life, things we didn’t even know we wanted, and what we forgo by putting fear in the game.

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