The Value of Time | It’s Yours to do With as You Please

What does time mean to you? Is it merely measured by hours and minutes or is it something that you intrinsically value?

Austin and DeRae discuss what time means to them. DeRae believes that people who waste their own time will definitely waste his, so he doesn’t even bother. Austin takes issue with chronically tardy people, but DeRae is more willing to meet people where they’re at (Jeremy, you’re alright with DeRae).

Austin is a lover of spectating sports, whereas DeRae would rather spend that time staring at a wall in peace. DeRae and Austin both believe that time is your most valuable asset, and it should be spent on things that bring you – and those around you – the most value. Every episode of Cautious Coffee is created to add value to our listeners lives, one episode at a time.

Cautious Coffee is a forum for candid, often uncomfortable conversations. Hosted by Austin Staton and DeRae Crane, each episode brings you unscripted and unfiltered commentary on key issues that are impacting our country and culture. Tune in as we seek empowerment, not power; as we meet people where they are; and most importantly, as we strive to be better humans. 

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