We’re Back: Season Two Brews on March 29

Welcome to season two of Cautious Coffee, the podcast that’s not afraid to challenge your thinking and provoke your curiosity. Join your hosts Austin Staton and DeRae Crane as they explore the hot-button issues that are shaping our world today.

From politics and culture to education and social issues, Cautious Coffee delves deep into the topics that matter most, with unscripted and unfiltered commentary that is both insightful and entertaining.

Our mission is simple: seek empowerment. We believe that real progress comes from meeting people where they are and working together to create a better future for everyone. And we’re not afraid to ask the tough questions, challenge the status quo, and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

If you’re ready to join the conversation, and take your thinking to the next level, then grab a cup of coffee and join us for season two of Cautious Coffee. We promise to challenge you, inspire you, and help you become a better human in the process. On March 29, let’s get brewing!


Cautious Coffee is a forum for candid, often uncomfortable conversations. Hosted by Austin Staton and DeRae Crane, each episode brings you unscripted and unfiltered commentary on key issues that are impacting our country and culture. Tune in as we seek empowerment, not power; as we meet people where they are; and most importantly, as we strive to be better humans. 

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